"As Dalton argues, viewing the land and its many inhabitants (human and nonhuman) merely as tools to be used for our human needs and wants is both theologically blasphemous and economically and ecologically unsustainable."

- Professor Steven Bouma-Prediger

Hope College, USA

"Chris Dalton’s work is a unique and important contribution to the ongoing debates about environmental decision making in Australian society. He offers a rich analysis to help us create a more effective and meaningful process."

- Dr Michelle Maloney

Convenor, Australian Earth Laws Alliance

"This is an excellent book. It is beautifully designed, crafted and written. It makes an original contribution to framing our conversation about who we are as Australians."

- Dr John Williams

Founding Member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

"This book pioneers a new path for the nation to hear and come to terms with the land as well as having some inkling of what our Aboriginal brothers and sisters have been saying to us all for a long time."

- Rev. Professor Dean Drayton

President Uniting Church in Australia, 2003–2006

"The human journey through the Australian Land is portrayed in all its agony and ecstasy. Chris Dalton holds together a remarkable array of discourses in order to offer a highly innovative form of public theology."

- Senior Professor Ernst Conradie

University of the Western Cape, South Africa

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